Karen Murphy speaks of victory over the Premier League

VICTORY Karen Murphy
VICTORY Karen Murphy
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A SOUTHSEA landlady has spoken of how she took on the might of the Premier League and Sky and won.

Karen Murphy who runs the Red, White and Blue in Fawcett Road, Southsea, won her European court battle against the Premier League over the use of a foreign TV decoder to screen games.

The European Court of Justice said an exclusive system of licences for the broadcasting of football matches in different EU countries - effectively stopping fans watching the broadcasts with a decoder card in other member states - is “contrary to EU law”.

Murphy told BBC Radio Five: ‘I’m relieved honestly, a little bit all over the place this morning, but I’m relieved.

‘We have to obviously go back to the High Court to get their take on the ruling and I’m hoping that will be by the end of the year and then we will know where we stand, but this goes a great way towards that.

‘It’s been a real rollercoaster, really it’s been highs and lows and nerves and dealing with various people and it’s been a strange time but I’m glad it’s coming to an end really.

‘Six years was the first time I got prosecuted six years ago.

‘I fell I have probably taken on the Premier League and Sky mainly. It seems to be that Sky and the Premier League dictate when matches are shown, the TV rights, the cost of those, and therefore almost dictate the players’ wages. It’s all become about money and that’s the bit I’m trying to stop.’

When asked if she would be screening matches at the pub this weekend, she replied: ‘I haven’t even got a box anymore. It took that away when the first court case came through. I’ve never shown them since, I won’t be showing anything until the High Court give their stamp of approval.’