Katie Price heads for Havant

Katie Price
Katie Price
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SHE’S one of the most talked-about celebrities in the last decade – and she’s coming to Havant.

Katie Price will be signing copies of her new romantic novel He’s The One at WHSmith in the Meridian Centre, on Friday, June 21.

The 35-year-old Brighton-born model, formerly known as Jordan, admits she has never been to Havant before – but is looking forward to meeting the locals.

She told The News: ‘I always like to go to places where you wouldn’t normally go.

‘People always stick to London, but I pick places further out.

‘I have not been to Havant before.

‘I don’t know anything about it but I am sure I will when I come there.

‘I will probably just go to the back of the shop and sit behind a desk, but I am sure I will see bits of it.

‘I have done a signing in Portsmouth before and have been to the dockyard.’


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Katie is pregnant with her fourth child and lives in a £2m mansion near Horsham, West Sussex.

She has appeared on countless television shows, newspapers and mingles with the hottest celebrities, but Katie said she never forgets her fans.

She said: ‘I just love coming to see people.

‘If there’s a queue I will always stay to sign everyone’s book.

‘I am normally pretty quick!

‘I have done it for a decade now so I have mastered it. I am really looking forward to coming down.

‘Hopefully it will be a nice evening for everyone and it will be sunny.

‘I am looking forward to meeting everyone.’

She said she has a real passion for novels and words.

‘It’s my 49th book out,’ she said.

I just like being creative.

‘You can put whatever you like into it whereas with the autobiographies I have to speak into a dictaphone about my life.

‘Everyone has a first love, so people can relate to this book.’

The signing session will begin at 5pm.