Kids taught to boogaloo by street dancer

Kofi Agemang known as Game teaches the Synchronize Crew in Gosport''Picture: Paul Jacobs (132247-1)
Kofi Agemang known as Game teaches the Synchronize Crew in Gosport''Picture: Paul Jacobs (132247-1)
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A HIP and happening dance movie star stopped off at a street dance group to pass on some of his finest moves.

Kofi Agyemang, aka Game, joined dance crew Synchronize, from Gosport, to help them improve their dance technique.

Kofi who is best known for his roles in dance film StreetDance 3D and West End musical Thriller Live! taught the young dancers various hip-hop techniques such as the electric boogaloo, popping and tutting.

Kofi has been street dancing for 10 years. He said: ‘Street dancing has changed my life, if I hadn’t found street dance, I don’t know where I would be.’

He was keen to pass on his experience to the kids.

‘Dance, especially hip-hop, cannot evolve unless the younger generation start to pick it up,’ he added.

Jack Adams, nine, said Kofi was a really good teacher and that he ‘wants to be a dancer like Game’.

Ethan Hill, 10, said: ‘I started dancing at home, then I got more into it so my mum put me in Synchronize. Street dance is my favourite dance.’

Kofi was impressed with the dance crew and said: ‘They have great potential and they all have the keenness and willingness to learn’.

Chris Todd, 27, who runs the group with partner Caroline Browning, 27, said: ‘With hip-hop there are no exams, there is not a grade three hip-hop like other dances so we are always working towards competitions and the kids compete to be champions.

‘We can teach as much as we can but kids get bored of the same thing, so when someone new comes down it engages them in a different way’.

Synchronize dance crew meets on Tuesdays at Thorngate Hall, Bury Road, Gosport from 4pm until 7pm and also at the Well Family Church, formerly Jacob’s Well, Layton Road, Gosport from 4.30pm until 6pm.

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