Kristy’s 999 call brings vital help to her father after his collapse

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Parents praise nursing teams who cared for Crookhorn teenager who died of cancer

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A NINE-year-old girl has been praised for coming to her dad’s rescue after he suffered a seizure brought on by a brain tumour.

Kristy Combs was reading a book in bed when she heard a bang in her parents’ bedroom and ran in to find her father, Andy, on the floor.

Andy Combs and his daughter Kristy Combs

Andy Combs and his daughter Kristy Combs

The youngster immediately got on the phone and dialled 999.

While tending to her dad she talked the ambulance controller through his medical history and kept her younger brother and sister calm.

And when paramedics arrived at the home in Exmouth Road, Gosport, Kristy was ready with her dad’s medication and made sure they had a clear path to take the stretcher upstairs.

‘She was amazing,’ said 35-year-old Andy who has an advanced brain tumour.

‘I was partially awake and was aware of what she was doing and saying. All I can say is she was as cool as a cucumber. I’m very proud of her.’

Mum Emma Combs was at a friend’s house when Andy fell out of bed and had the seizure.

Kristy, along with her six-year-old brother Martin and four-year-old sister Helena, were all in bed. But fortunately Kristy was still awake.

The youngster said: ‘I was up reading Harry Potter in bed and I heard a loud bang so I went into mummy and daddy’s room and found daddy on the floor. He was shaking.

‘I got the phone and called 999. Daddy had told me what to do before and I’ve learnt about 999 at school and at Brownies.

‘I asked for an ambulance and then a man came on and asked me lots of different questions.

‘I was crying at first – I was scared and a bit upset. But then I calmed down.

‘The man said to check if daddy was breathing. He told me to wipe daddy’s nose too because it was bleeding.

‘I got daddy’s tablets ready for them as well. I’m glad daddy was ok.’

Mum Emma, 37, returned home when paramedics were treating her husband.

She said: ‘When I got home I asked if they needed to know anything and they said “your daughter’s already told us everything”. She had organised everything and even taken care of her brother and sister.

‘The paramedics said they’d had children call for an ambulance before but they cannot remember having someone who was so cool, calm and organised.

’If she had not heard him, anything could have happened. You hear about people dying from seizures. I’m just so proud of how she handled the situation.’

The South Central Ambulance Service joined Kristy’s parents in praising her efforts.

A spokeswoman said: ‘We’d like to commend Kristy for doing an amazing job of looking after her dad and calling for an ambulance when he was taken ill.

‘She stayed calm as she answered questions and checked dad’s condition for the emergency call taker.

‘Having done all of this she then looked after the other children in the house and let the ambulance crew in when they arrived.

‘She is truly remarkable and acted well beyond her years.’

The spokeswoman added: ‘It’s important that children know exactly how to call for an ambulance in the event of an emergency and it is clear that Kristy was able to do this confidently in order to enable us to help her dad.’