Launch party held for Waterlooville author’s new book

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A LAUNCH party has been held at a library for an author’s second book.

Penny Legg, from Waterlooville, won great reviews of her first book Military Wives, which drew on her own experiences, so she decided to pen a second.

And the newest one has also had good feedback.

Crime in the Second World War: Spivs, Scoundrels, Rogues and Worse, took four years to write.

Penny said: ‘The book looks at crime during a period when we could be forgiven for thinking that we were all pulling together for the greater good.

‘Instead, the overall crime rate went up by 57 per cent and the murder rate rose by 22 per cent.

‘While many were giving their all for king and country, there was a significant number of people who used the wartime conditions for their own advantage.’

Penny held the launch at Waterlooville Library last Wednesday.