Leigh Park tenant hits out at repairs delay

The hole in the ceiling of Emily Osborne's flat in Havant which has been left following a water leak
The hole in the ceiling of Emily Osborne's flat in Havant which has been left following a water leak
  • Pipe burst causing leak in July
  • Took repeated calls over two months to housing association for it to be repaired
  • Once fixed, a large hole was left in ceiling and took a further month to repair
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A MUM has spoken of her disgust at having to wait three months to get a ceiling fixed by a housing association.

Emily Osborne lives with her children in Billys Copse, Leigh Park.

In July a pipe in the flat above burst causing a major leak in her flat.

It took First Wessex two months to repair and a large hole which was cut in the kitchen ceiling was not fixed until this week – when The News stepped in.

Miss Osborne, 28, said: ‘They are a disgusting company and have zero respect for tenants’ repair needs.

‘The majority of the workers don’t even know what they doing when they turn up.

‘The first workman said he didn’t know how to fix the hole so I rang and rang but was fobbed off. I’ve had surveyors round who turn up not even knowing why they have been sent here.

‘The lack of communication is just unbelievable. I’ve made official complaints and been promised the problem would be dealt with only to hear nothing again for weeks.’

In a statement, First Wessex said it was ‘sorry to hear of the inconvenience’ but the ceiling could not be fixed until the plumbing was completed.

It said workmen had turned up at the flat but no-one was in – something Miss Osborne, who has kept a detailed diary of calls and appointments, denies.

First Wessex continued: ‘A plumber visited the property on August 21, but was unable to gain access, and an appointment was re-booked for September.

‘To carry out the works, we needed to inspect the property above. A plumber visited the flat above on September 25 to inspect the pipe and then returned on October 2 to complete the necessary works.

‘Following the plumbing works, we advise a drying-out period before completing decorating works to the property. An appointment was made to carry out the decorating work on October 14, however our operative was unable to gain access to the property and we left a card with details on how to re-book the appointment.’

Miss Osborne, a McDonald’s manager, said: ‘I was admitted to hospital and never heard anything from them to even say they were coming on October 14.

‘There was no card left and the appointment date they sent me in a letter was in fact for October 25.’

She added: ‘‘I don’t cause problems, I pay my rent on time.

‘I feel I have been treated very badly.’