Les Miserables’ costumes coming to Portsmouth

ON SET Portsmouth's Historic Dockyard was the backdrop for the opening scene of Les Miserables
ON SET Portsmouth's Historic Dockyard was the backdrop for the opening scene of Les Miserables

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COSTUMES from the Oscar-winning film Les Miserables will be on display in Portsmouth’s Historic Dockyard – where one of the most iconic scenes was filmed.

Hugh Jackman’s Valjean convict costume and Anne Hathaway’s ragged Fantine dresses are heading to the city this Easter.

HMS Victory and Portsmouth Naval Base were both used as locations in the film, giving director Tom Hooper the ideal backdrop for the film’s dramatic opening sequence in No. 9 Dock.

The hero Valjean is seen alongside the other convicts as they haul a massive ship, which is based on HMS Victory in for repair.

Terri Stannard, the dockyard’s event manager, said: ‘I’m absolutely thrilled this exhibition is coming to Portsmouth.

‘We’ve spent months working on it with NBC Universal in Los Angeles and I can’t wait to see them.

‘They are being packed into boxes as we speak and they should be here by mid-March.

‘People will be blown away when they see them. You don’t get a real sense of scale when you see them on the actors in the film.

‘Seeing them with your own eyes will convey the height and waist measurements of the actors.

‘I think people will be really surprised by them.

‘Our mannequins are actually too big for them so we need to find a way to display them that does them justice.

‘We are just so thrilled to have them here.’

There will be 19 costumes from the Hollywood blockbuster, plus a selection of props – just a tiny amount of the 2,200 made for the actors and thousands of extras in the film.

Costume designer Paco Delgado was nominated for both an Oscar and a Bafta for his designs.

He said: ‘We have covered so many things.

‘We have made convicts, prostitutes and nuns.

‘We have poor, and we have rich. It has been an amazing job.’

The costumes will go on display in the Mary Rose Story building from March 29 until April 14.

Entry is via a ticket to the Historic Dockyard and is priced at £5 for adults, £4 for seniors and £2.50 for children.