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Here is our Letter of the Day, which is entitled ‘Let’s face it folks, things won’t change.’

I might be speaking heresy, but maybe the time has come when we just have to stop bellyaching about the traffic in this area and get on with it.

It really doesn’t matter what changes the planners make, it won’t make much difference.

I have been travelling between Gosport and Portsmouth on and off since the mid-70s and although the quantity and locations have changed, the general problem has not; it has just moved to new places.

I recall that the Newbury bypass was designed to make traffic better in the town centre.

I understand that within a nano-second (slight exaggeration) it was little better. Whether we like it or not, the government of whatever hue will require local authorities to build more houses.

It goes without saying that more houses means more vehicles both in and out.

ALL towns and cities in the UK and across the world have the same problem, therefore building more roads, traffic lights or roundabouts will not help.

In truth, it is the price we have to pay for living on an island or peninsula, with limited access or egress.

Bob Carr

Madison Close, Gosport