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Here is our Letter of the Day, entitled We had great times at the ‘Monkey Hut’

Your correspondent Sheila Denton asks if anyone can remember the rustic ‘Monkey Hut’ shelter in Alexandra Park (Those were the days, June 5).

Well, I certainly can and here’s a pre-war photograph of it (courtesy of Portsmouth History Centre), the only one I’ve ever seen.

My memories of it are good too.

In the 1950s, my parents, sister and I would stay with my grandparents in Kipling Road for our annual summer holiday.

We’d spend afternoons at the paddling pool in the Lido (now the Splash Pool).

Then we’d love to walk from there all around Stamshaw Esplanade back to Alexandra Park via the children’s playground ending up at the ‘Monkey Hut’.

Referred to by my father as the ‘Monkey House’, I was always fascinated by it, especially its distinctive thatched roof.

There was always the lurking suspicion too, that the ‘monkeys’ were actually us children!

I’m sorry it’s gone but very pleased to hear not forgotten.

The shelter was last shown on a map in 1970.

Presumably it disappeared when construction on the Mountbatten Centre started in 1979 and was never replaced.

Jane Smith

Grove Road South, Southsea