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Here is our letter of the day, entitled ‘Giving blood is hard when venues close’

I read your article about the NHS’ urgent call for blood donors (Fresh push to encourage more people to donate their blood, June 8).

It’s not only the lack of donors that is causing the problem, but lack of venues.

I, like many others, have been donating blood for years.

The venue I used was in the Leigh Park Community Centre and it was always busy.

Last year the collection ceased to be held there.

Consequently, donors were advised to attend the next nearest venue, being Havant Leisure Centre.

As this venue already has its many regular donors, it has become increasingly difficult to get an appointment there.

The last one I managed to get by booking well in advance, was cancelled a week later due to being double-booked!

Many donors who used to go to Leigh Park Community Centre either don’t have a car to get to Havant, can’t get time off work during the day, or just cannot get a suitable appointment.

This results in the NHS losing potential donors.

I don’t know why the Leigh Park Community Centre ceased to be a venue for this, but I thought that a community centre is for the community?

Surely for whatever reason this should be able to accommodate the donor sessions which after all is for the community?

It it’s a financial thing, then I feel that the centre should be renamed, as it’s not exactly for the whole community is it?

S Price (Mrs)

Great Copse Drive, Leigh Park