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I cannot help but express concern and dismay at the recent comments from Labour’s Stephen Morgan.

The boundary reforms that he complains about have been planned long before he was even a candidate in Portsmouth South, let alone the MP, so to suggest that the non-partisan boundary commission has taken this approach out of political malice is either misleading the voters of Portsmouth or coming from a position of ignorance and inexperience.

This is a real issue as spreading misleading information about the proposed boundary changes undermines the consensus that exists around boundary reforms being led by a non-partisan body and also serves to feed a growing sense of alienation with party politics.

I would urge Mr Morgan to look at the challenges we face today in Portsmouth, and work with our other elected politicians such as Donna Jones and Penny Mordaunt MP on issues such as transport, supporting the navy and ensuring Portsmouth gets a fair share of investment from the government’s industrial strategy.

I believe that people in Portsmouth can’t afford to have an MP who seeks to put self-serving party politics before our city.

William Bates