LETTER OF THE DAY: Are Smart Meters just the way that energy firms will rake in more cash?

Our correspondent feels that Smart Meters will only end up costing us more
Our correspondent feels that Smart Meters will only end up costing us more
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Before any readers agree to have a Smart Meter installed, just think about this.

What company would invest millions of pounds into a project that would allow ‘you’ to pay them less money per year than you are already paying them?

I don’t think so. Look at the advert for smart meters on television.

Their main selling line is

1) it will save you money. You can do this already if you stop using your appliances;

2) It gives you a reading every hour. So what? Who wants to sit and watch a meter reading all day?;

3) It will do away with estimating readings.

At the moment estimating bills always equal themselves out or you can phone in your own reading whenever you like.

What a Smart Meter will do, however, is allow companies to sack all meter readers, pass more of your personal information on to other companies resulting in even more junk mail.

But the biggest con trick will be these fuel companies will be able to change your readings at the touch of a button.

In other words normal unit prices would apply all day until, say 6pm, then when it gets colder in the winter evenings they can charge higher prices per unit.

Whatever the outcome you can bet your life the big companies will make even more profits.

I would urge all readers to log on to Smart Meters on your computers and find out as much as you can before falling into this money-making scam.

B Long

Lightfoot Lawn, Southsea