Letter of the Day: Britain has families who live in poverty

Officers searching lorries for migrants
Officers searching lorries for migrants
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Having worked in social housing for 20 years I understand the pressures on local authorities to provide affordable housing.

Since the birth of the welfare state in 1948 we all subscribed to our social services, which are free at source and was envied worldwide.

However, many countries are at war or suffering from starvation.

Great Britain has a generous overseas aid program and a fair immigration policy.

We cannot accommodate all those economic migrants who wish to settle here.

I understand the altruistic ideology of Mssrs Tony Fenlon and Cameron Crouchman’s letters (Well done to Emma, and No compassion, Aug 6).

They are free to take in whom they like yet they forget that in settling the Commonwealth our legacy was that we built up their infrastructure which lasts to this day.

The migrants at Calais want to chose where to settle and not as the rules dictate. Why was the redundant Catherine Booth House in Queen Street in Portsea converted to accommodate immigrants and why were they conveyed there under the cover of darkness?

Many British families have to live in poor conditions and rely on charity and food banks and we fall over backwards to help strangers.

Barrie Love

Milton Road, Portsmouth