LETTER OF THE DAY: City crest and the club badge of Pompey are both known worldwide

Pompey fans at Fratton Park during the victory over Rochdale in August
Pompey fans at Fratton Park during the victory over Rochdale in August
From left, Lisa Wootton, Jade Blythe and Jade's mum Amanda Sharpe Picture: Ian Hargreaves (180708-1_leo)

Great support at Gosport pub fundraiser for tragic eight-year-old Leo Burton 

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To change the Portsmouth FC badge too much away from its relationship to the city crest would be almost like changing the club colours – not a done thing in my opinion.

In 1194 it was King Richard I, Richard the Lionheart, who granted the town of Portsmouth its first charter.

The star and crescent symbol is also present on the seal of William de Longchamp, Bishop of Ely, who as Lord Chancellor, was involved in the granting of Portsmouth’s charter.

The city crest, part of which has become the Portsmouth FC badge, has a lot of history, almost 1,000 years.

As an island city the citizens of Portsmouth have a depth of feeling for the city, its crest and the PFC badge, so my request to the new owners of Portsmouth Football Club is please retain the star and crescent and the colours – blue, yellow, gold – and maybe add to it.

The club is part of the city and vice-versa so if any changes are to be made please do a deal with Portsmouth City Council.

After all, the city crest and the club badge are both known worldwide and should retain its relationship as a message of strength, who and where we are.

Keith Taylor

Inhurst Avenue, Waterlooville