Letter of the Day: Corbyn for prime minister? No way!

Jeremy Corbyn was elected as Labour's new leader on Saturday.
Jeremy Corbyn was elected as Labour's new leader on Saturday.
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During the recent Labour leadership campaign I have not been alone, among Labour Party representatives, in being frequently told that I should join the Conservative Party.

Indeed, one of the leadership candidates, Liz Kendall, has been subjected to horrific abuse, much of it sexist and threatening. It is to her credit that she refused to be intimidated by this and was prepared to continue to tell the party what many didn’t want to here.

Anthony Costa chose the medium of The News to tell me I should now join the Tories (Wrong party?, September 10).

For Mr Costa, my ‘crimes’ were to disagree with the policy prescriptions of Jeremy Corbyn and a willingness to work co-operatively with the local Conservative administration.

In terms of Jeremy Corbyn I fundamentally disagree with the direction in which he seeks to take the Labour Party. l also believe him to be unelectable.

As someone who believes in the benefits of a Labour government, I want to see us in power rather than condemned to the sidelines for a generation.

Finally, I and the Portsmouth Labour Group will continue to do what is right both for local residents in the wards we represent and the people of Portsmouth in general. If that means working co-operatively with the Conservative Group, to address such matters as the social care crisis in the city, then so be it.

That does not mean we agree with the devastating cuts to local government, far from it.

However, unlike Jeremy Corbyn and his far-left cheerleaders, we do not believe ideology should trump pragmatism where the welfare of residents is concerned.

Cllr John Ferrett

Portsmouth Labour Group leader