Letter of the Day: It’s time we dredged the Wallington river

River Wallington, Fareham PPP-151218-130528001
River Wallington, Fareham PPP-151218-130528001
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Out and about in Wallington again today, I was disappointed to see the River Wallington yet again set to flood.

As you can see from the picture, it’s full to bursting point.

Some measures have been taken, a few walls have been built, rebuilt and reinforced and there’s been a new ramp put in, but to me it seems illogical to have all these river appeasing short-term fixes.

They don’t seem to last very long, nor do they appear to be all that effective.

So they don’t represent money well spent.

Any more bad weather and heavy rain will surely see the river burst its banks.

With flooding in the south becoming more and more common perhaps it’s time we looked to alternatives?

Maybe it’s time we look at doing the job properly and having the river dredged at the key flood points?

I understand this may be expensive but in the long term I don’t think there is any other solution.

As such, I have written to the Environment Agency asking them about dredging and associated costs.

The obvious problem we have is limited funds and many areas that need dredging, but I’ll see what can be done.

Tom Davies

Fareham East Conservatives

Portchester Road, Fareham