LETTER OF THE DAY: It should be three strikes and you’re out for car tax and MoT offences

Would you welcome the return of the tax disc?
Would you welcome the return of the tax disc?
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I have noted the recent letter relating to the support for the return of car tax discs.

Do we, the vehicle owners seriously wish to return to the days of old when every six or 12 months we would obtain a tax disc by whatever means, then fumble with those dreaded perforations in the desire not to tear the disc. No I think not.

Upon listening to a recent radio forum where the increase in tax dodgers have increased to an unacceptable level along with those who attempt to avoid the insurance, I would be the first to agree that the dodging problem seriously needs to be addressed.

If I can suggest that there is a very simple solution to the dodging problem and that is when a vehicle is due for its annual MoT that not only is the vehicle checked for road safety etc but for the road legal documents to be checked at the same time and all to be declared on a Health Check Form which will then be passed on to the correct authorities.

Should a vehicle be found guilty of being driven without:

1) MoT 2) Insurance 3) Tax, then the driver of the vehicle will be facing a penalty of what should be named as a three-strike offence with the penalty to include a mandatory confiscation of the vehicle to be crushed, a three-year driving ban and a financial fine of £3,000.

No argument, no escape and no avoidance.

Martin Clark

Lashly Meadow