LETTER OF THE DAY: Keep your pigs off our Common!

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Re Barrie Love’s recent letter, Southsea Common was part of the manor of Fratton or Froddington on Portsea Island and, at the time of the Dissolution of the Monasteries, was vested with the Hospital of St Nicholas the Domus Dei.

The hospital surrendered the land in 1540 to Henry VIII, who wished to strengthen the fortifications along the south coast.

The common has been constantly used as a marshalling area for troops going off to war.

It was still owned by the military until it was bought by Portsmouth Corporation from the War Department in 1922.

Southsea Common is a public park in municipal ownership.

The word ‘common’ is used in it’s generic term to describe the open space.

It is not, was not and never will be ‘common land’.

So keep your pigs off our park, Barrie!

Terry Webber

Netley Terrace, Southsea