Letter of the Day: Monorail? We need ‘square one’ approach to Portsmouth congestion

Traffic congestion in Portsmouth
Traffic congestion in Portsmouth
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Let’s face it, the two recent letters suggesting a monorail transport system for Portsmouth are no more than pipe dreams in this time of austerity.

Trying to bypass the current road system in the belief that it would solve or reduce traffic congestion is quite unproven.

You only have to see the pensioners driving around despite free bus travel and reduced train fares to realise that people cannot be attracted out of their cars.

Rather than spending many millions on an unproven gamble it would be much better (if we really want to solve our traffic problems) to sit down and start from square one to calculate how many vehicles our roads can carry and who will drive on them, and when, where they park, etc.

Once those objectives have been decided a project would have to be planned to achieve them, probably taking 10 years or more.

It seems to be tacitly accepted that reducing the number of vehicles on the roads is the way to solve traffic and parking congestion so why not openly recognise that and tackle it directly?

Derek Dod

Brougham Road, Southsea