Letter of the Day: ‘No surprise about the ‘partial Eclipse’

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Here is our letter of the day, entitled ‘No surprise about the ‘partial Eclipse.’

It was with no surprise that we saw that the extension to the BRT has hit the buffers as it has run into problems with the funding from Hampshire County Council (Extension to bus route hits the buffers, May 29).

We’re going the wrong way.

For far too long public transport has suffered from the road building programme in Hampshire to ease access for those who insist on using their vehicles all the time without any thought for those who rely on public transport, the environment and the pollution they emit into the atmosphere that is leading to climactic damage of our earth.

If we are to address the problems of climate change then the politicians must take steps to ensure that funding is made available to help develop a good reliable public transport network – not just in Gosport and Fareham but also in the rest of Hampshire.

Public transport must not be allowed to continue to suffer because all the funding available is only for road schemes that won’t help the traffic problem in the long run.

John Vivian

Gosport and Fareham Friends of the Earth and Transition Fareham Better Transport Group

Madison Court, Fareham