Letter of the Day: Nostalgia sure ain’t what it used to be!

Portsmouth City Council Civic Offices
Portsmouth City Council Civic Offices
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Bob Hind (Remember When) seems to think that if he states an opinion often enough it becomes an accepted truth.

His recent beef concerns Guildhall Square.

I recall it being a difficult place for pedestrians to cross its roads in the 1950s.

Just imagine it with the modern density and speed of traffic!

And some of the buildings surrounding it weren’t too impressive either. And the modern amphitheatre - with its stepped viewing areas - is great for such events as Remembrance Sunday, Beating Retreat, Christmas Carol Concert etc.

Much better and safer.

Not everything was better in the past - far from it.

Nostalgia isn’t always what it used to be!

D Griffiths

French Street, Old Portsmouth