Letter of the Day: Outrageous plan to change loan system

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After writing to Alan Mak, the Conservative MP for Havant, I have come to the conclusion that his, and the government’s, word cannot be trusted as he supports its dangerous plan to retrospectively change the student loan system.

Namely, changing the terms and conditions of student loans after students have calculated what it would cost to attend university.

This is outrageous and unfair and if this is allowed to go ahead people will have no faith in any system the government signs up to in the future, as they will be aware that the government can do a U-turn at any time and fail to keep its promises.

If this U-turn is allowed to go ahead, it will be a disgrace.

No commercial company would be allowed to retrospectively change their terms and conditions and if they tried to do so they would be challenged by any regulator.

D Horton

Hulbert Road, Bedhampton