Letter of the Day: People’s committee for seafront ideas?

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Here is our letter of the day:

Wow! Two letters within weeks of my letter regarding the sad-looking seafront.

One from Kev May from Beresford Road and one from Jackie Baynes of St Thomas Street.

I wonder how many more people from Portsmouth agree we need more on this seafront?

This great city needs a committee of people to show this council that we need holidaymakers back here to enjoy the seafront and to show we can keep up with the likes of Bournemouth, Brighton and even Bognor Regis.

They have more entertainment than us – what a shame.

Just look at page four in The News of May 28 which had the headline ‘Hundreds wait in line to have say on future of prison’.

There were big tailbacks and large queues and that was just caused by the people of Portsmouth. Just think if that was a tourist attraction – and it’s not on the seafront.

Like Kev May said, it’s not rocket science, so come on, Portsmouth City Council, get your act together.

Kev Glover, Lichfield Road, Baffins

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