Letter of the Day: Saving North End? Bring back parking

Traffic up London Road, North End in 1977 PP4886
Traffic up London Road, North End in 1977 PP4886
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Bit of a smoke screen from Cllr Lee Hunt quoting all sorts of matters totally irrelevant to the demise of North End shopping centre (We are being guided by ‘sleight of hand’, Oct 15).

As I mentioned in an earlier letter to The News on June 17, the problems started when Portsmouth City Council, under the control (?) of the Lib Dems put forward a grandiose and costly scheme doing away with all short-term parking and doubling the paving area.

This had no regard for the economy of the area.

The only way to kick-start a resurgence for the shops would be to provide parking again.

This would probably mean cutting back the pedestrian areas to the original size. A further costly exercise.

As I said previously, unless people can park they will not shop.

I know some political thought does not like the motor car, but it is a most necessary feature of normal life. You only have to see the number of blue badges issued by Portsmouth City Council to realise the need for individual and not public transport.

Charles Mos

Laburnum Grove, Portsmouth