Letter of the Day: Scoot launched at wrong time of year

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The blue-winged kookaburra spotted in Jack Kuss' garden last month. Picture: Jack Kuss

‘Beautiful’ Emsworth kookaburra unseen for almost a week 

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Surely Scoot, which is having to go into voluntary liquidation so soon after its inaugural Portsmouth to Cowes service, leaving many stranded passengers, has only itself to blame by showing a complete lack of business sense by commencing its service at the end of the season instead of the beginning, which would display logic (Ferry firm goes under months after launching, Dec 21)?

The Isle of Wight, although served by ferries on whom commuters depend for their daily commute, is essentially an island dependent on the holiday trade and the majority of that trade is not done between October and April.

I understand that the company also runs other services between various Scottish islands and so I would have thought, therefore, that it would have well understood the best times to launch a new venture.

Let us hope now that something can be salvaged from this disaster and that someone else will step in and pick up the reins.

NJ Anderson

Melrose Close, Southsea