Letter of the Day: Sorry, prison visit was just a shambles

Hundreds of people queque to view Kingston Prison.
Hundreds of people queque to view Kingston Prison.
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The irony of it. City and Country obviously grossly underestimated Portsmouth peoples’ interest in their ‘public exhibition’ in Kingston Prison regarding the future use of the building.

When we arrived at just gone seven o’clock, (consultation time up till eight o’clock), there was still a queue, at least 50/75 yards long.

All of those people wanted very much to get into the prison, when for how many years previously the inmates had probably wished they could get out!

There appeared to be little organisation in dealing with this shambolic situation. No-one appeared to be taking overall charge, though one man said that the doors were going to shut early.

The men who were supposed to be ‘Security’ weren’t being kept informed and appeared to be ineffective at doing whatever it was they were supposed to be doing!

We left as we saw no point in staying. But there were still lots of people standing in line, some very unhappy, despite there being little or no chance of them being able to gain entrance!

This was a really poor public relations gaffe.

If one is to get on to City and Country’s website and view all of their aspirational videos, all with spoonfuls of syrup and treacle poured upon them... then the actual experience was a very big departure from all of their advertising!

I await with interest a comment from City and Country about their public relations disaster here today in Portsmouth.

Pat Huxtable

Nettlestone Road, Southsea