Letter of the Day: Speed bumps are the way to go

Speed bumps keep traffic slow
Speed bumps keep traffic slow
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I think Portsmouth City Council needs to do more on slowing vehicles down.

Once again PCC has gone for the cheap option, putting lives at risk.

In Lichfield Road, Baffins, we have two small 20mph signs in the whole road which is a waste of time.

The council wanted to make it one- way, which anybody knows would speed traffic up as nothing would be coming the other way. It’s not rocket science.

Stop wasting money on failed bus lanes (Mile End Road) – speed humps are the answer to slow traffic down.

The council won’t do that and says it’s too expensive.

I say (and probably most people would say) what price do you put on a life?

The council should stop and think about that.

Kev Glover

Lichfield Road, Baffins

(The first road in the UK to have a 20mph limit)