Letter of the Day: The rich could fork out for flood victims

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Regards the flooding victims in the north of the country.

Three other ways exist to massively assist:

- The royal family chip in £5m – I can hear muttering from royal lackeys, but frankly they can afford it and it would be top-rate PR.

Breaking tradition? Who cares?

With Charles alone having 100-plus staff, I don’t think Her Majesty would have to turn off the lights (as is rumoured) to economise.

- Premier League football clubs could have a whip-round among their highly-paid 500-plus players and the clubs could contribute too.

With a young Man Utd winger arriving for training in a £250,000 Rolls-Royce convertible it’s obvious they have money to burn – another £10m easily attainable.

- Divert another £25m from the multi-billion overseas aid fund.

As my father was wont to say: ‘Charity begins at home.’

Jon Cole

Blount Road, Old Portsmouth