LETTER OF THE DAY: Trams or monorail? Which is best?

A monorail in Japan
A monorail in Japan
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I write in response to two letters about city transport. We need a ‘square one’ approach, Derek Dod, and trams are better, A Lyle.

Can you imagine what chaotic scenes there would be with narrow city roads with trams on them?

Any thought to how emergency services would get through?

Any thought to how much traffic would NOT be able to use the roads? No.

I would suggest that every time there is an event, a seasonal occasion or a sunny day on Portsmouth island, that traffic comes to a standstill on all three of our major island routes. Pop out and have a look sometime.

The monorail system would be in addition to roads and, properly planned and designed, would add a whole new dimension to Portsmouth’s tourist industry as well as giving commuters a quick journey into the city and surrounding areas – especially over the back of the harbour to Gosport.

Let Portsmouth be one of the first to have a slick, modern monorail system.

Let’s not live in the past any more – that belongs to the old architecture of Southsea.

Many modern cities in the world (unfortunately not yet in the UK) have up-to-date monorail systems.

Look to the future, NOT the past.

Keith Taylor

Inhurst Avenue, Waterlooville