Letter of the Day: We can take pride in all of our schools

Caistor Yarborough Academy GCSE Results Day EMN-150821-145805001
Caistor Yarborough Academy GCSE Results Day EMN-150821-145805001
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How sad it was to see George Mason’s comments using Councillor Edgar’s helpful letter to The News as an excuse to criticise the GCSE results of Brune Park and Bridgemary Schools in Gosport (Gosport schools are bottom of the class, Sep 1).

Quite simply the headline ‘Life after GCSEs’ made that clear.

Councillor Edgar was simply encouraging all those young people who this year took GCSEs to be positive about the future, whatever their results.

He did this by drawing attention to the help and advice that is available to young people, especially from the county council, to choose the next step, whether it is training or education.

Surely an aim that should be applauded, not criticised, and would be a great help to all 70 secondary schools in Hampshire, including the two schools in Gosport he chose to criticise?

Together, Hampshire’s schools sit among the top-performing in the country, a matter in which Cllr Edgar, as Executive Member for Education in Hampshire, can take pride.

Peter Langdon

Grove Road, Gosport