Letter of the Day: We need a PM with a bit of backbone

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Here is our letter of the day.

When are we going to get a prime minister with a bit of backbone?

We certainly haven’t got one at present.

The Conservative manifesto promised religiously to ditch Labour’s 1998 Human Rights Act and introduce a British Human Rights Act.

The reason for ditching this act was so that we could deport murderers, rapists and other foreign criminals from using the act to stay in this country, and of course, continue receiving all the benefits going.

He now tells us that it is postponed for a year. Why? Will it be on the agenda in 2016, or will it be put off again to 2017 or even later?

There is absolutely no reason to wait any longer for this criminals charter to be dropped.

I really thought that with a Conservative majority, all the promises would be kept.

And yet, not even a month has passed since being elected and he is going back on his promise.

Shame on you, Cameron.

J Goater

Catherington Way, Leigh Park

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