Letter of the Day: We need puppy partners

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From left, Cowplain School Year 11 prefects Cerys Gamlin, Eleanor Weeks, Ellie Otton and Helena Tuch organised a Bush Tucker trial to raise money for charity

Cowplain pupils do Bush Tucker trial for teenager Beth

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For any News readers who watched the very moving ITV programme on Tuesday, June 16 – My Guide Dog and me – the charity ‘Canine Partners’ which featured in the programme, have a new puppy training group at Titchfield and are looking for volunteer ‘puppy parents’.

Puppy parents play a major part in training a dog to provide practical, psychological and social benefits for their wheelchair-bound partners.

So if you are interested and want more information on these amazing dogs please contact Elaine Potter at Canine Partners on 01730 716017.

Chris & Tim Seward

Canine Partners

Fareham Support Group