Letter of the Day: We’re well protected from sea level rises

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Many of the comments which have been made about the recent problem with the sea defences near Southsea Castle have been made by people who seem unaware of the facts.

The well-researched and comprehensive Portsea Island Coastal Strategy was published in April 2010 by the city council and it identified two areas – north Portsea Island and Southsea – as priority areas requiring flood risk solutions to be developed and implemented at the earliest opportunity.

Detailed plans were developed which by early 2014 had attracted sufficient funding from government for both schemes to proceed.

Indeed, the work has been brought forward because of the very high-quality preliminary work undertaken by our local authority engineers.

The design of the defence works are such that they will protect the city from predicted sea level rises until into the next century.

Work is already well advanced on the north Portsea works (from Tipner to Milton) and it is intended that the Southsea flood defence works will follow on immediately, thus making a considerable saving on the overall cost.

Until that time it is, of course, important that adequate funds be made available by the city council for on-going maintenance and repair of the existing defences.

Cllr Hugh Mason

Southern Region Coastal

and Flood Committee