LETTER OF THE DAY: Why can’t big stores help ease our parking pain?

B&Q in Fratton Way, Portsmouth.''Picture: Cesar Moreno Huerta (160088-8762)
B&Q in Fratton Way, Portsmouth.''Picture: Cesar Moreno Huerta (160088-8762)
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Recently I returned to my home in Haslemere Road, Southsea at 3am and found the usual problem with parking.

I spent half an hour driving around the neighbourhood trying to find a legal spot.

Eventually I was forced to park in the B&Q car park which, as I am sure you are aware, is by and large empty during the silent hours.

I moved my vehicle at 7am so that I would not inconvenience the store and thought no more about it.

I subsequently received a parking fine of £100 from Premier Parking (reduced to £60) if paid for within a certain time scale.

Given the problems with parking in Portsmouth it seems unfair to me and I am sure others, that large car parks which are underused most of the time cannot be used by locals from closing time of business to 7am.

I am sure that the majority of people would not object to paying a modest fee – £1 to £2 – for the privilege.

B&Q, along with other businesses, would claim to have the ‘best interests’ of Portsmouth and its citizens at heart and this could be a way of showing such regard for the people whom it relies on for its trade.

Perhaps through your paper we could persuade the council to enter discussions with retailers who have title to large car parks with a view to allowing their use at night?

The fact that this city of ours is an island and land is at a premium would mean this scheme would find popular support amongst many frustrated car owners, the majority of whom pay rates etc.

MC O’Connor

Haslemere Road, Southsea