LETTER OF THE DAY: Why did Flick Drummond quit as deputy police and crime commissioner?

Police and crime commissioner Michael Lane and Flick Drummond
Police and crime commissioner Michael Lane and Flick Drummond
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Well then, what a surprise Flick Drummond has quit as Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner (Ex-MP says ‘professional relationship’ was not possible as question mark remains whether over any new deputy, Oct 26).

She states that she enjoyed her time in the position yet she hardly had time to warm her office chair let alone get into the job.

If she enjoyed it why did she leave?

This just shows what a lot of rubbish MPs and ex-MPs talk.

This position should never have been created in the first place, and if Michael Lane is not up to doing the job on his own he also should quit.

After all his department is costing the taxpayer thousands and thousands of pounds – for what? Just what does he do?

He states that his department is a lot cheaper to run than the old system; again a lot of rubbish fed to us by manipulated figures which they are very clever at producing.

I stated from the very outset of the appointment of a PCC for Hampshire Constabulary that this would be an empire-building scheme to get the gravy train on the move again for the privileged few, leaving the rest of us to suffer the police cuts and lack of service that we once had and deserve.

I predicted that once appointed the PCC would want a secretary, they would then want a deputy commissioner who would also want a secretary and so it would go on and on which it has.

I do so hope that Mr Lane does not intend to appoint another deputy, but put the money towards two or three proper police persons on the street so we can see where our money is going.

I do not want a PCSO answering my calls but an accredited, warranted police officer who deserves our support and respect.

RH Abberley

Sapphire Close, Gosport