Letter of the Day: Yes, blame owners and not the dogs

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Re your recent dog story (Rise in attacks by dogs sparks safety fears, Oct 12).

Glyn Morris’ husky pup was attacked by two bull mastiffs - absolutely dreadful.

But as a breeder of these dogs for 20 years, I can assure Glyn that bullmastiffs were not bred to kill other animals, they were man-made from the mastiff and bulldog over three generations, to guard large estates and known as the ‘night keepers’ dogs in the days when poaching on private land was punishable by death.

The bull mastiff is a noble dog, one of the most affectionate canines known to man, brilliant with children and will take endless abuse without retaliation.

I am sure Glyn had the misfortune to encounter untrained dogs, probably not socialised as puppies.

As Clare Hunter says in the article, it is all down to irresponsible owners.

When you have ‘wolf’ as part of your family, common sense should prevail, whatever the breed.

Patricia Toogood

School Road, Wickham