Letters by CS Lewis found in Portsmouth

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RARE unpublished letters written by Chronicles of Narnia author CS Lewis have been donated to a university in his native Belfast.

The collection of 11 letters was found in an attic in Portsmouth by the Rev Dr Richard Acworth, the son of Captain Bernard Acworth who was one of Lewis’s friends.

In the correspondence with Capt Acworth, who was founder of an organisation opposed to the teaching of evolution as scientific fact, committed Christian Lewis outlined his own views on religion and the origins of life.

Mr Acworth gave the letters Lewis sent to his father to Queen’s University yesterday, where the public will be able to view them in its CS Lewis Reading Room.

He said: ‘The letters were written to my father between the years 1944 and 1960 and when he died they were just left in the loft really. I went through his letters much later and found them there.

‘I thought they ought really to be somewhere where they are accessible to the public.’ Mr Acworth said he never considered selling the letters.