Lifetime ban for dog owner who starved Alsatian

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  • Emaciated Alsatian found wandering streets scavenging for food
  • Owner Barry Peach admitted animal cruelty and banned from owning dogs for life
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MAGISTRATES have banned a man from owning dogs for life after his emaciated pet was found wandering the streets.

The Alsatian named Angel lost half her body weight in the short time 35-year-old Barry Peach owned her.

She managed to escape from his Hambledon farm and was discovered scavenging for food by council dog wardens.

At Portsmouth Magistrates’ Court, in a prosecution brought by Winchester City Council, Peach admitted causing unnecessary suffering to an animal.

He was banned from keeping dogs for life, fined £162 and must pay court costs of £3,000.

Councillor Frank Pearson said: ‘Cases such as these are thankfully rare but they show that Winchester City Council takes responsible dog-ownership seriously and will not tolerate cases of neglect.

‘Angel has been doing really well since she went into foster care and now has a permanent home where she will be fed, cared for and loved.’