Lions president steps down after year of helping others

STEPPING DOWN Fareham Lions President David Sanders removes his chain for the last time
STEPPING DOWN Fareham Lions President David Sanders removes his chain for the last time
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THE president of Fareham Lions is stepping down following a busy year supporting international and local causes.

David Sanders is finishing his busy year of office as President of Fareham Lions Club.

He ends his tenure with much to look back on and be proud of.

The club has helped to meet humanitarian needs in Fareham, encouraged peace in the area, promoted understanding and served local charities and the local community.

His theme for the year was ‘serving others’ – an idea from the Lions motto “We Serve”.

David said he joined Fareham Lions because ‘it is a secular, non-political service organisation where every pound donated goes to charity’.

That is made possible because members all pay in about £5 per month to cover the administrative costs of running the charity.

Lions have about 1.4 million members in about 46,000 local clubs in more than 200 countries. It is a truly international charity and service organisation.

David added: ‘We have fun as we serve both internationally and locally, running community events and raising money for charity at the same time.’

Throughout the year, the club has run ongoing projects such as Fareham Spec Trek – collecting used eyeglasses for distribution to countries abroad – and Fareham Message in a Bottle, keeping essential personal and medical details in the fridge for emergencies.

The club has also run annual events such as the Fareham Christmas Sleigh throughout December and the Fareham Senior Citizens Easter Party in April.

Fareham Lions are now preparing to help with Stubbington Fayre.

The club has also responded to help those further afield.

For example, they sent water purification tablets and water filtration units via the Lions Club of Kathmandu to help people afected by the earthquake in Nepal.

David praised the hard work of his colleagues at Fareham Lion, as well as thanking them for their support.