Lively Lady given a new home for life at Port Solent

HOME SWEET HOME Lively Lady has been offered a permanent berth at Port Solent
HOME SWEET HOME Lively Lady has been offered a permanent berth at Port Solent
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HISTORIC yacht Lively Lady has been given a permanent home at the marina where Sir Alec Rose first sailed her in.

Premier Marina at Port Solent has given sailing charity Around and Around a free home for its flagship.

The new berth is a boost for the crew of disadvantaged youngsters who hope to take Lively Lady on her third adventure around the world.

She was the first yacht to enter the marina when sailing legend Sir Alec opened it in 1988.

The yacht will sail into her new berth at midday on June 24 with a flotilla of boats.

On the same day, the Lloyds No1 pub in Port Solent will officially reopen after changing its name to The Sir Alec Rose.

The celebration will include live music and speeches from members of the Rose family.

Port Solent and Around and Around are also working on a permanent exhibition about Lively Lady’s past and future.

It will include memorabilia from Sir Alec’s 1968 circumnavigation and is planned to open next month.

Lauren Harris, the 21-year-old in charge of making Lively Lady seaworthy again, said: ‘It’s absolutely amazing and I’m so excited. I had no idea it would be on such a big scale, with the pub and the exhibition.

‘Getting the support of Premier Marinas is exciting. It has given us a berth for our other boat so the whole charity is going to benefit from this.

‘It’s going to make a huge difference especially because she will be on display now.

‘It’s good because people will be able to see her and see what state she’s in and how badly she needs a refit.’

Alan Priddy, founder of the Around and Around charity, said: ‘We’re delighted Lively Lady will be able to call Port Solent her home for years to come.

‘Their joint history alone makes it the perfect home for her.

‘It’s also great the location will make it so easy for the people of Portsmouth to see her, help bring her back to life and become part of her future as well as her past.’

Meanwhile, the charity’s youngsters are still raising money for their upcoming trip around the globe.

They need to raise £1m to pay for Lively Lady’s refit this year before they sail her again in 2014.