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ON THE ICE Amonn Al-Mahrouq
ON THE ICE Amonn Al-Mahrouq
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AN ice skater has overcome adversity once again to reach another career milestone.

Amonn Al-Mahrouq, has won a double gold medal for his free dance and technical level two competitions at the Inclusive Skating event in Glasgow, beating his previous scores.

Amonn, of Southsea was born with a hole in his heart and is paralysed in his right side and blind in his right eye.

He competed against other disabled skaters from around the world in the competition run by the National Institute of Ice Skating.

But despite performing so well, the 38-year-old nearly didn’t make it to the international event.

He struggled to find a coach who he felt understood his desire to compete so he decided to find another ice rink.

He said: ‘I wanted to do training that was more conducive to people who want to compete in disabled sports.’

A new coach wasn’t easy to find and Amonn says that he ‘gave up’ in November last year.

It was an intervention from the Inclusive skating project leader Margarita Sweeney-Baird that made Amonn reconsider his decision.

He added: ‘Margarita doesn’t take any rubbish.’

Through Margarita, Amonn met coach Ruth Woodstock.

They worked well together and after not skating for five months, Amonn had just 12 days to get competition ready.

After successfully winning the competition, Amonn is more focussed than ever on improving his ice skating level and competing in next year’s Inclusive event.

He added: ‘I am working on getting my gold certificate for level one. I feel like I can see the future now.’

He also hopes that his success will encourage others to reach their goal and is writing a book about all that he has achieved despite his difficulties.

He said: ‘It is called Fearless Heart – Living In Spite Of Things That Scare You To Death.

‘It is currently in draft. I hope to complete and release it very soon.’