Llama is park’s latest arrival

Cria the babu llama at Staunton Country Park
Cria the babu llama at Staunton Country Park
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THIS is the first look at Staunton Country Park’s newest arrival.

The tiny female llama, which has yet to be named, was born after an 11-month pregnancy.

She has begun to walk and is already causing mischief.

Education and communications manager at the park Kerry Bailey said: ‘The other day she chased a peacock out of her paddock.

‘She’s got a lovely character and is really cute. She’s all legs at the moment and probably the size of a Shetland pony, but she’ll grow to 6ft in time.

‘People generally think llamas are bad tempered, but she isn’t at all.’

In a few weeks, the public will get to meet the llama as she ventures out of her paddock for the first time.

People have the chance to name the baby llama - known as a cria - through going on Facebook and searching for the Staunton-farm-gardens country park page.

Imaginative suggestions for names have to begin with the letter G to fit in with the park’s breeding programme.

Entries will be taken until Friday next week.