Local research reveals the top 10 baby names

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RESEARCH from the Office for National Statistics in Titchfield has revealed the top 10 baby names for 2014.

Oliver and Amelia were the most popular first names given to babies born in England and Wales in 2014.

Amelia has been top since 2011 while Oliver has been in top spot since 2013.

In England, Amelia was the most popular girls’ name in eight out of the nine regions and Oliver was the most popular boys’ name in seven out of the nine regions.

The research also found TV show Game of Thrones had an influence with 244 babies being called Arya, 53 called Khaleesi and Brienne was the newest female addition this year, with four girls.

Hit movie Frozen also had an impact with 537 girls being called Elsa and 804 being called Anna.

For the full list go to ons.gov.uk