Long to rain over us

Lauren de Vries at her home in Cosham     

Picture:  Malcolm Wells

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IF you’re throwing a royal street party this weekend then make sure to remember your raincoat.

Because heavy rain is expected today and weather experts say it will pour down tomorrow as well. Rain clouds travelling from the south west is the cause of the bad spell.

And the damp outlook means temperatures will drop from 68F (20C) to 57.2F (14C) by the end of the weekend.

The weather was much the same during the time of the Queen’s Coronation in 1953.

Dan Williams, of the Met Office, said: ‘The change in weather just comes down to natural variability. Portsmouth will become much warmer from Tuesday.’

On this day last year Portsmouth enjoyed 13 hours of sunshine as temperatures reached 72.5F (22.5C).