Loyal fans queue to meet their idol Katie for new book signing

SIGNING Becky Sperring and Amber Binns from Waterlooville with Katie Price. Picture: Ian Hargreaves (131760-6)
SIGNING Becky Sperring and Amber Binns from Waterlooville with Katie Price. Picture: Ian Hargreaves (131760-6)
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ONE of the most talked-about celebrities of the last decade has delighted her fans by meeting them at a bookshop.

Katie Price, a glamour model who was formerly known as Jordan, was in Havant yesterday to sign copies of her new romantic novel He’s The One at WH Smith in the Meridian Centre.

Dozens queued up at the centre for the chance to meet the author, whose books have sold almost five million copies.

Friends Becky Sperring and 
Amber Binns were at the front of the queue.

Becky, 24, of Cunningham Road in Waterlooville, said: ‘I have followed her through her career and I think she’s amazing.

‘I think she’s inspirational and a really good businesswoman.’

Amber, 22, also of Cunningham Road, added: ‘She is definitely an inspiration and I would say I look up to her.

‘I know she gets a lot of stick from people but I think that’s either jealousy or because they don’t understand how clever she actually is to have got this 

‘I’ve never had the chance to meet her before so I’m really happy. She was really nice.’

Katie is pregnant with her fourth child and lives in a £2m mansion near Horsham, West Sussex, with husband Kieran Hayler and three children, Harvey, Junior, and Princess.

Katie told The News: ‘It was overwhelming coming out and seeing all these people here.

‘I want to say a big thank you to them all for coming.

‘I’ve not been here before, apparently people don’t do book signings here often so I was glad to be one of the first.’

Kelly Adams, 23, of Stockheath Way in Leigh Park, said: ‘I was really excited to be able to meet her, and I thought she was really nice.

‘I enjoy following her career and I think she is quite an inspirational figure for women.’

The book signing in Havant yesterday was the first of a mini tour of six bookshops.

She is promoting her new novel, a story about a 20-year-old single mum who dreams of becoming an actress.