Lucky escape for Clanfield girl after hornets attack her horse

RIDER Ella Glover on her pony Kai
RIDER Ella Glover on her pony Kai
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SCHOOLGIRL Ella Glover had a lucky escape when a swarm of angry hornets attacked the horse she was riding.

The 15-year-old was riding her nine-year-old New Forest pony Kai when he was spooked by a rustling plastic bag and brushed a hornet’s nest in a bush in Blendworth Lane, Horndean.

In seconds, a mass of angry hornets swarmed them and began stinging Kai,

The horse jumped up and Ella was hit in the face, unable to calm him and had to get off.

The attack went on for about 10 minutes with Ella desperately trying to get them off, until a man in a white van pulled over to help.

Ella, a pupil at The Petersfield School, said: ‘It was scary because I have a phobia of wasps anyway.

‘For some reason they flew over me and attacked Kai – he was covered in yellow creatures, they were huge.

‘It was horrible because they would sting him, come back and sting him again. I couldn’t get them away.

‘You could see the distress in his eyes and I felt helpless because I couldn’t get them off.

‘Then the man in the van pulled over and he was wearing thick gloves. He just began pulling them off in clumps and crushing them in his hands until they were gone.

‘If it wasn’t for him my horse could have died. I kept saying “thank you so much for your help”.

‘He said not to worry and drove off. I’d like to thank him but the van didn’t have any name on the side.’

Before the stranger helped out other drivers had stopped and told Ella to get the pony under control.

And one woman simply drove off after berating her – even though it was obvious hornets were swarming the animal.

Ella’s mother Jane, of Windmill Close, Clanfield, said: ‘We’re so grateful to whoever it was.

‘Poor Kai is covered in stings on his tummy, back and saddle. There are about 25 of them and they are three inches each. It’s so painful for him.

‘The vet said just one sting can cause such shock a horse could die from it.

‘He is being treated but Ella won’t be able to ride him for some time because he is so sore.’

Ella is determined to get back on her beloved pony but only when he is well enough.

n Were you the kind stranger who helped Ella and Kai?

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