Lucy’s the next top model after winning national competition

WINNER Lucy Moore, the new face of Ann Summers
WINNER Lucy Moore, the new face of Ann Summers
Picture: Malcolm Wells

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STUNNING Lucy Moore is soon to be admired by millions across the UK as the new face of Ann Summers.

The 20-year-old beat more than 4,000 hopefuls in the competition run by the lingerie retailer.

Pictures of her modelling the firm’s Valentines collection, below, will be put up in shop windows across Britain next week.

Having reached the final 10 though a careful selection process, Lucy was voted overall winner by members of the public.

She secured 22 per cent of the 30,000 votes cast.

The student of University of Westminster, who is a size 16, said: ‘I couldn’t believe it when I won. I screamed – it was just so exciting.

‘I didn’t ever think I’d get this far. I kept looking at the other girls and thinking how beautiful they were. I thought any one of them could win it. The competition was so tough.

‘But I’m happy that I did. Hopefully it will be an inspiration to other curvy girls and give them confidence, no matter what shape or size they are.’

In a bid to help win votes during the final stage of the competition, Lucy made appearances at Ann Summers in Commercial Road, Portsmouth, where she acted as a real-life mannequin, and helped open a new store in Milton Keynes.

Lucy, of Connaught Road, North End, roped in the support of her family and friends through Facebook and Twitter.

Lucy featured in the lingerie firm’s first TV slot, with an appearance on reality show The Only Way is Essex.

Jacqueline Gold, the firm’s CEO, said: ‘The campaign was about finding a real woman who embodied our brand and oozed sexiness and confidence.

‘Lucy really stood out for us and we’re looking forward to showing off our new Valentines collection with Lucy taking centre stage in the campaign and store windows.’