Magpie spotted eating meat in Tesco

The magpie spotted in Tesco. Picture: Racquel Burchell
The magpie spotted in Tesco. Picture: Racquel Burchell
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A MAGPIE that was spotted pecking at packets of raw meat in a supermarket has finally been released.

The bird became trapped in Havant’s Tesco Extra on Tuesday, and all the while, its mate was waiting expectantly outside, peering through the large glass windows and calling to it.

Raquel Burchell, 19, of Cranesbill Court, Emsworth, captured the above picture of the magpie pecking at the meat.

She said: ‘I was shopping with my mum and sister on Wednesday when we spotted it. We were so shocked. It was absolutely disgusting to see it getting stuck into the mince.

‘A member of staff was following it and getting rid of everything it touched but it was still horrible. It was going for the bread and fruit as well.

‘The manager said it had been stuck there for three days and they couldn’t get it out.’

Another shopper, Karen Emery, said she was unhappy with the delay in getting the bird out and worried that it was distressed. She contacted both the RSPCA and RSPB but both charities said they could not help.

A Tesco spokeswoman said the magpie was safely released, alive and well, this morning.