Major boost for victims of domestic violence

Lord Mayor of Portsmouth Cllr Ken Ellcome with Jean and Allan Thompson. Picture: Chris Moorhouse

Unsung heroes who have contributed to Portsmouth are honoured by prime minister

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A £15,000 government grant will be poured into helping female victims of violence in Havant.

Among a variety of new schemes will be swimming sessions to build self-confidence and counselling for schoolgirls who have experienced domestic abuse.

More than 90 people gathered at Havant Leisure Centre to decide how the Home Office grant would be spent.

The pilot scheme is part of the government’s Big Society concept where local residents can vote on spending priorities.

A total of £500 will be spent on welcome packs of toiletries for women at Havant’s refuge.

More than £1,800 will be spent on developing a coffee afternoon for victims of domestic abuse to help build their self-esteem.

A new games console will also be bought for A19 – a Havant-based group for young victims of violence.