Major incident in Commercial Road Portsmouth

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ARMED police have cordoned off part of a busy shopping centre following reports of a knife attack.

The northern end of Commercial Road, Portsmouth – from the former Virgin Media shop to Mothercare – has been taped off and police with riot shields are swarming the area.

Picture: Wayne Whittle

Picture: Wayne Whittle

Police have confirmed there is a man with a knife inside the former Virgin shop but no other members of the public are with him.

They are currently negotiating with him.

Declan Cordwell, from Leigh Park, said: ‘We drove round the back of Mothercare going towards the multi-storey car park and we saw about 15 police officers, five ambulances, police with dogs and riot shields.

‘There is a police helicopter flying over. It was mad. I’ve never, ever seen anything like it.’

And father-of-two Oliver Nelson said: ‘I was walking along Commercial Road when suddenly everyone stopped and was looking into the shops. There were police everywhere.’